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Pasture Raised Eggs

Happy hens. Pasture raised. Wholesome eggs.

We believe in safe sustainable food production systems that have minimal impact on environmental ecosystems.

We truly value our animals. Our priority is to have happy, healthy and thriving hens that produce great-tasting, sustainably produced eggs.

We believe in producing safe, high quality premium eggs from hens that are free to roam in paddocks and forage on our fresh pasture. They roost in their chicken caravan that is rotated weekly.  Our eggs are hand collected daily to guarantee freshness.

Our why


We have a passion and commitment for regenerative farming and secure food systems.We love our chickens and they have total freedom to express their hen-ness. Our hens graze on insects and grasses whenever they choose and have full access to sunshine and fresh water all the time and in turn they help us improve our pastures. 

How are pasture raised eggs different to standard free-range eggs?


Our pastured free-range hens are raised in paddocks. Egg-actly!

This means there are NO cages, barns or sheds. Unlike intensive free-range farming systems, our hens live outdoors in open pastures, foraging in the fresh grass, sunbathing and are completely free to peck for seeds, insects, plants and roam as they please 24 hours a day. Our hens are well protected by our two guardian Maremma dogs, Thor and Athena, to keep away predators and our feathered friends can be found roosting in their mobile nesting trailers at night.

Why are pastured eggs better for you and your customers?


With the freedom to roam around the paddock,  and a more varied diet, our hens produce incredibly nutrient dense eggs that taste delicious and cook up beautifully.

A pastured raised egg is packed full of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, D, E, K2, B-12, folate, riboflavin, zinc, calcium, beta carotene, choline, and tons of omega 3 fatty acids.

You can certainly taste the difference. Our hens produce truly eggcellent pastured eggs.

Regenerative farming in action


We are passionate about reclaiming and reviving our farm through regenerative practices. The continual health of our soils is paramount and securing a safe food system. Some of the regenerative agricultural practices include planting fruit bearing trees in the pastures to sequester carbon, reduce erosion and act as shade and feed for the hens. Other practices we follow include rotational grazing with our Merino sheep, composting, and increasing biodiversity. We are already starting to see the benefits — one being a more natural habitat for our hens that gives them a happier life, healthier diet, and far better-tasting eggs. Eggtastic really!

Taste the difference!


We believe in transparency and knowing both your farmer and where your food comes from. It is important to show exactly what is happening on the farm and connecting our produce to the people consuming it.

You may meet us as we deliver our produce direct from the farm to you at the local SJ Farmers Market and to local retail and cafe/restaurant outlets. We are not part of a long supply chain with multiple warehouses and weeks in storage. Our produce is delivered fresh and direct. We are always up for a chat about what’s happening on the farm.

Where you can find our pasture-raised eggs

Available to purchase from:


SJ Farmers Market
Local Farmers Market every Saturday morning from 8am to 12pm
2 Paterson Street, Mundijong WA 6123

Rumps & T-Bones Premium Butcher
Premium butcher in Meadow Springs Mandurah providing best quality meat, fresh farm direct produce and gourmet products.
Shop 2/25 Meadow Springs Dr, Meadow Springs, Mandurah, WA, Australia, Western Australia

Pantry Man
One-stop-shop for all your pantry essentials and more.
Mandurah & Rockingham

Jarrahdale PO Kitchen
Dedicated to the highest Quality Home Cooked Meals.
674 Jarrahdale Road, Jarrahdale Western Australia 6124, Australia

RJ’s Quality Meats
Rjs Quality Meats offer meats of excellent quality free range beef, pork and chicken as well as value added meals easy to cook.​ Cooked meat for parties, sauces, eggs and gluten free products.

Peel Produce Market
Produce Market in Mandurah. Saturday and Sunday 8am to 12pm.

Want to stock our pasture-raised eggs?
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Part of the menu at:


Millbrook Winery
Millbrook is a boutique winery and acclaimed restaurant in the historic town of Jarrahdale in Western Australia.

The Byford Country Club
The Byford & Districts Country Club is the number one social destination in the Byford region. They are proud to be a family-friendly, community minded members club nestled away in the natural bush land surroundings of Serpentine-Jarrahdale complete with their popular Byford Restaurant, Sports Bar, Pool Room, Bowls Green, Meeting Facilities, Outdoor Playground and much more.

Nourishing the Soul Cafe
All day breakfast lunch morning and afternoon tea.
40 Darwin Terrace, Dudley Park, Western Australia 6210

Jarra Infusion
Local cafe with healthy, lunches and treats. Vegan available.
28 George Street, Pinjarra WA 6208

Tree of Life Cafe
Classic, delicious food and coffee made with love and a play area.
29-31 Sholl Street, Mandurah, WA 6201

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